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  • Television Station Paul Nipkow

    Television Station Paul Nipkow This is a draft write-up, beneath improvement and not meant to be cited http://www.nikeblazerboutique.fr/Nike-Blazer-Haut/Femme-Nike-Blazer-Haut/ Femme Nike Blazer Haut; you'll be able to aid to enhance it. These unapproved articles are subject to a disclaimer.[edit intro] Station identification screen capture from the Nipkow Fernsehsender The Paul Nipkow Fernsehsender (Television Station) was the first tv station in Germany. It was named after Paul Nipkow, the inventor of your Nipkow disk and was around the air from 1935 till 1944. Standard broadcasts started on March 22, 1935, and its headquarters was in Berlin, Germany. It was managed by Eugen Hadamovsky, who held the title of "Reichssendeleiter" (Reich Production Director), who welcomed viewers by declaring that "In this hour, this broadcast will bring to fruition the largest and holiest mission: to plant in all German hearts the picture of their excellent leader (Führer)". Television was not,